Grow Tent Kit Mars Hydro SP3000 2’x4’ Review

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Partnered with: Mars Hydro Starting to grow your own cannabis at home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Loads of information to learn and many items to buy. When you purchase every item separately instead of a grow tent kit, you need to calculate the best grow light for a determined grow tent, as well … Read more

Mars Hydro FC 6500 Review

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Partnered with: Mars Hydro Indoor-led grow lights have evolved a lot in the last few years and cannabis growers are continually in search of the perfect grow lights for them. Filling big grow tents and grow rooms with efficient light for plants to absorb without massive heat had always been a challenge for home growers … Read more

Cannabis XXL: How to get high yielding strains

cannabis high yielding strains

Partnered with: Seedstockers When speaking about Cannabis seeds we always think about their genetics, White Widow, Haze, AK 47, but what is cannabis genetics? How is a high-yielding strain bred? To explain it in an introductory way, Cannabis genetics dictates the characteristics that the plant will have, such as size and growth time, but also … Read more