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I've been using this app since my first grow. This is exactly what I needed. There is so much knowledge here. The Growlogs and charts are easy to use too. Keeps everything organized and all your data in one place. Connecting with other growers and comparing logs is the best feature. Especially great for when you're searching for new strains to cultivate.

Brian T.

Absolute best grow diary app out there. So easy to jump right in and start logging. Now everything's streamlined. If you take the time when you plant the seed to plan everything in the app you can set yourself with a calander that will remind you what to do. For example my app tells me every time I need to feed my plant with the exact recipe for the feeding!

Robbie B.

I just wanted to say 'thanks' for all of the great articles that you have here. As a beginner grower I have found your information to be invaluable. Lots of great pics in addition to descriptions and explanations. I've got 2 Blue Cheese plants growing vigorously indoors and just started the flowering stage. Looking forward to a good harvest later on. Will continue to use your advice on harvesting!


Very straightforward and user-friendly. Great logs w/ photos; easy tagging plant-by-plant or whole environments. Helpful calculators, custom notifications, and even a pre-grow checklist. This is the way.

Dan O.