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Hells OG

Flowering – Indoor

Tall maybe gelato

Flowering – Indoor

Strawberry Fusion (S1)

Flowering – Indoor


Flowering – Indoor

From seed to harvest

Grow with Jane is the right hand for any grower.
Guiding the novice and supporting the expert.

Add your trees

Select or create the strain of your seed and recreate the environment.

Track your actions

Plans will populate your plant calendar with the actions that need to be taken.

Share your growlogs

See how you did, learn from the results and share the experience!

Grow with Jane is the most useful tool for plant growers. With logs, reminders, fertilizers, grow logs and more, you’ll surely succeed flawlessly from seed to harvest.

This intuitive plant grower helper will make things truly easy, be your guidance and help you throughout the whole harvest process. Ideal for cannabis growers.

Make use of this amazing plant growing app and be proud of your plants!





Just tap the + button and you can create your environment and enter the plant info.

Select between indoor or outdoor, and define the lighting and exposure data.

Create as many cannabis plants and environments as you want!



Use the plant planner features of Grow with Jane and easily set reminders to water or feed your plant.

Don’t ever wonder why your plant failed to grow as you planned.

Manage the growth smartly and plan everything with plant reminders and turn each of your plants growing into success.



Use Grow with Jane to keep track of everything you do with your plants.

Avoid forgetting important details and perfectly grow your plant.

Grow with Jane has easy to use and intuitive tools that will make things extremely easy for you.

Create as many Growlogs as you want and keep track of everything.



Your plant’s photos can be your own thing.

Take photos and create notes for any of your plants and keep them securely on your device without them appearing in your gallery.

Especially useful for cannabis growers who might hand off your phone to friends or family.

More than 20.000 growers are using

Grow with Jane to take care of their trees.


Very good and useful app. What is more the graphics and overall look of the app is great. Keep up the good work guys!

Kuba Marlicki


A very awesome app!! amazing and simple way to monitor your cannabis cultivation, applications for multiple plants in multiple environments, with the growth stage options aa well as a easy to use logging/entry system. best app ever a MUST USE… awesome one guys and girls @ JANE ?

Dylan Jowett


YES. YES YES YES Haha! Every single problem I had with the app has been ironed out, fixes have been made, you can download photos you uploaded, it’s been adjusted for larger phones like iPhone X etc, swiping between photos is better, like swiping down to close them out now, so many bugs gone. It’s beautiful, I love it, I love the work the team has dedicated to putting into this great app!



This app has been a blessing in helping me keep track of my personal plants. Sure, I had to struggle to figure out how to use the new version, but once I did, it was easier to use than the original. The developers have been responsive and appreciative of criticism and seem to be working hard to make it the best of the best. I don’t plunk money down often for an app, but I did for this one.



This app is so useful and makes tracking grows so easy. The team behind it is truly great, I’m excited to see what they have in store.


After trying several grow journals this one seems to be the best. If you’re looking to simply track detailed garden entries look no further.

Fords Racer

Loooove the simplicity of it and the fact it does what it says it will do unlike most of these glip-glop apps. Keeping track of each plant is so much easier now rather than relying on Morty.. Little burlap sack of crap. *buuuurp* Now no matter what dimension I’m in, I can keep track of of my plants! No more “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” thanks to Jane! New update is awesome!

Rick Sanchez


This app is an amazing organizational app abd tracking app for indoor growing or outdoor growing! Many features that most apps dont have to offer… Great app! I use it on a daily basis to track the growth of my plants.

Brendan Power


Great grow planner so far, love how all the strains are all loaded in the app. This is going to work perfect. Thanks Jane

Joe Johnson


Nice app, covers all the bases, notifications are great if you get busy and can’t remember if you did or didn’t

Chuck Shock


Great App! New version is excellent, performance has increased ten fold for a large number of plants! Visual tweaks are nice as well. Saves me tons of time, yet keeps track of more than the average grower will need to keep track of your gardens health and growth. Notifications are simple and great for people like me who forget. I have been growing weed for 35 years and this is a GREAT addition to any growers toolbox. Great job Nikolas and team. Great response time too! Back to the garden….. 

Sean Malthouse

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Exclusive Support

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Unlimited trees and environments

Create and manage all the trees and environments you want. No limits.

High Quality Photos

All your photos,
stored in the cloud
in 4K UHD Definition 8 MP

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