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Grow with Jane

Grow with Jane’s Team

Nicolas Botti – CEO

Nicolás worked 7+ years in the insurance and banking industry as an outside IT, Infrastructure, and Operations consultant.

Nicolas’ job is to keep the company running and design the strategies needed for the company to keep doing business well into the future. His responsibilities include fundraising, proforma, and team management as well as being the first point of contact for Grow with Jane either coming in or coming from the company. He works hand in hand with the Product Manager to make sure everyone understands the business goals and performs to achieve them.

Gaston Lozano – Product Manager/CPO

Gastón is a full-stack software developer with an E-Commerce specialty. He has coordinated many teams and projects both locally and internationally. He is a specialist in SCRUM and other work methodologies.

Gastón’s job is to identify the problem we are trying to solve, whose problem we are trying to solve, and design the specifics needed to respond and solve that problem. He makes sure everyone inside the company has a clear understanding of the solution being implemented and that they know their tasks and all they need to fulfill them.

Roque Terrani – CTO

Roque is a full-stack software developer with an E-Commerce specialty and over 15 years of experience.

Roque´s job is to evaluate the needs and efforts required to bring the specifics developed by the Product Manager to life and pitch a solution, showing him the potential issues and benefits of the approach. Also to experiment, develop the product, deliver it to the Product Manager, and iterate once again with his new specifications over and over again.

Daniel Kim – UX Design Director/CMO

Daniel is a film director, user experience specialist, and designer. Senior editor Pipeline designer and developer.

Daniel’s job is to understand the Product Manager’s needs for the product, combine it with the CTO’s proposals, and make it easy to use, pretty to look at and ensure that it maintains a cohesive line throughout all our content while providing a clean user experience. Making sure that the product is easy to use requires experimentation, interpretation of feedback, and more experimentation. He is also in charge of designing all the A/B testing and experiments.

Nicolas Zucconi – QA Manager

Nicolás’ job is to ensure the quality of our product is up to our standards and under continuous improvement. In the Quality Assurance aspect, he reviews customer feedback and errors and connects them to the development side in the shape of incidents or tickets. In Quality Control, he manages the testing of the product before release and the strategy behind the testing in close relationship with the CTO. His duties are under the CTO’s leadership.

Alicia Muzio – Content Manager – Grower Support Manager

Alicia is a seasoned Cannabis grower with 17 years of experience in indoor and outdoor cultivation. She is a certified English-Spanish translator and has also studied the Technical Course in Floriculture and the T.C. in Organic Vegetable Production at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (U.B.A.). Alicia received top grades in “The Science and Technology of Medical Cannabis Cultivation” course at Utah State University, taught by Dr. Bruce Bugbee and his team.

Alicia works as a Content Manager at Grow with Jane, where she specializes in writing informative blog articles about growing cannabis at home. She is responsible for the GWJ app and website content and the SEO strategy. Additionally, Alicia works as a cannabis cultivation consultant at GWJ Grower Support, where she assists growers worldwide by providing personalized guidance through the Grow with Jane grow journal app.

Eliana Uran – Community Manager

Eliana is a grower, social worker, and teacher in various fields related to cannabis. A few years ago, she decided to enter the virtual space to develop her profession, identifying it as another valid field of professional intervention. Since then, she has been working to help build communities around the benefits of the cannabis plant. Her mission is to accompany the users of the Grow with Jane app in the forums and offer them a safe and friendly space, support, and collective growth. In that sense, she is in charge of selecting moderators, creating events, and monitoring community standards.

Grow with Jane’s vision

Grow with Jane is the best platform for cannabis home growers, by home growers. A meeting place and information exchange space for growers with different levels of experience, cannabis products business, seed banks, and other actors of the cannabis community.

Our main goal is to help people to grow Cannabis successfully by providing digital tools and connecting growers worldwide with a cannabis growing community.