Online Growlogs, Calculator and Charts – Dec ’19 Update

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We have one of the biggest updates in Grow with Jane, but before we get started, we want to thank the more than 20K growers out there that are growing with us.

Thank you for trusting us with your trees!


Now, to the updates!!

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?? Share your Growlog online! ??

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⭐ Exclusive feature for members of Growers Circle

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Let’s say you’ve been growing for a while and you really want to show everybody what you are accomplishing. Until now, the only way was to share photos or meet your friends in person, take your phone out and show them a Growlog

Not anymore. Online Growlogs are here!

It’s super easy to use!

  1. Open the Grow with Jane App
  2. Choose a growlog to share
  3. Tap Share in the top right

You can share your Growlog with a simple link. If you want to stop sharing your growlog, you can even put it offline whenever you want.

Share your Growlog as a website, check it out in the video or in your app!

If you like this feature, we would love if you can share your Growlogs with us, they could be featured in the Grow with Jane online platform!


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? Unit converters and calculators ?

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Here at Grow with Jane, we’ve been working hard to make growing easier for everyone. Growers look for information online that makes them grow better plants, but sometimes it’s hard to understand what to do with all the different measurement units, contradicting pieces of advice, and it’s even harder to get all that information down and process it to our own reality.

That’s why we added a Tools section in the Grow with Jane App.

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It comes packed with:

  • Unit Converter: You can convert length units; e.g. meters to feet or yards, area units, volume units, times units and temperature units. Have you ever wondered how many cups fit in a liter? 4.23 cups to be exact.
  • Stages Dates Calculator: Add how many days/weeks/months do you want to be growing and the calculator will tell you when are you going to be flowering or even harvesting your plants.
  • Area Lighting Calculator: Do you have an indoor? Are your lights strong enough for the size of your environment? You can calculate how many watts you need so each tree is getting enough light to grow happy.
  • pH / Water Calculator: Problems with your water? too acidic or alkaline? You can calculate how many volume units of a pH additive you need to go from your current pH to your desired one.
  • Soil Mix Calculator: This is a great one! If you are making your own soil mix, you can calculate how much you need to buy just by adding the percentages and the number and size of pots.

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? Tracking and comparing with Charts ?

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While you are growing your own plants with Grow with Jane, surely you logged some information about them. We heard the feedback about you wanting to really see what’s happening with the logs, so we built a beautiful Chart Editor.

 It’s available in the ‘More’ section. 

With the Chart Creator you can: 

  • Create a chart for one or multiples trees.
  • Compare logs from multiples trees
  • Analise your tree logs (height, PPM, pH, EC or Water temperature) or environment logs (humidity, environment temperature, outside temperature, light distance, CO2 or precipitations) in your trees lifetime.
  • Pick the date range of your chart, or pinch to zoom in and out from the chart itself.

But that’s not all, we are already developing new features, such as the ability to compare trees from different crops or pin a chart to the dashboard so you would be able to access them even faster, and a lot more!

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Well, what a long post full of news! We work hard to keep the updates coming, and making growing easier for everyone.

Again, we want to thank you for trusting us with your trees.

? Stay tuned and happy growing ?

Grow your own. Grow with Jane.

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Want to start growing?

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