Grow with Jane Update 1.8

We wanted to share the news with one of the best releases of Grow with Jane! 

Here at Grow with Jane, we are proud to be working on the best app for cannabis growing! To make it even better, we’ve been working hard and implemented one of the more requested features:

With Grow with Jane, you can now track your trees better! 

For the users that are cloning their trees instead of germinating seeds, we added a way to track your cuttings:

  • Create a new tree
  • Select the new option “Starting from: Clone / Cutting”.
  • Select the mother plant (if it’s being tracked with Grow with Jane) or pick the strain as usual. 

This new option will make your trees start from the “Rooting” stage instead of the “Germination” stage.

But that’s not all!

For all you lucky growers that are currently in your flowering stage, you will be able to harvest your trees and keep tracking you flowers:

  • Track your “Drying” and “Curing” stages of your buds
  • Added a new “Flower Log” to track the weight, humidity, and temperature of your buds. 

For all of you that have already harvested trees, we are migrating away from the “More > Harvest” view to the simplified view in the Trees section of the app.

You will be able to manage all your trees, growing and harvested ones from the Tree section, by filtering between “Growing” and “Harvested”. This requires you to pick which trees you want to keep tracking in the harvested section and which ones you want to archive.

There are a few Quality of Life updates too!

We added a toolbar in the dashboard with the thing that you use the most, perfect to make those fast updates in the app.

You can even reorder them as you wish, by going to the “More” button and pressing the Cog icon in the top right part of the screen. 

You have faster access to your calculators and charts from this same place!

Your tree and your growlog should look much better now too! You can now have a better understanding of your trees with a glance! Just go and check it out.

We’ve simplified the way we change all stages. From now on, selecting the stage change option will move your tree a stage forward.

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful community, we are grateful with everyone! 

Thanks for all the feedback you give us, we really couldn’t do it without it

What else would you like to see implemented? let us know at

Happy growing!

2 thoughts on “Grow with Jane Update 1.8”

    • Hi Lorri! Thanks for your interest in our app. Many commercial cannabis-growing businesses use our app and find it useful. We are always planning new features to add so if you are interested please contact us via in-app message with questions and suggestions and we’ll be happy to help your case specifically. Happy growing!


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