Hi everybody!

Happy new year!

We are glad to announce that Grow with Jane v1.3.0 was released! The updates you asked for are finally here!

What’s new?

We added a lot of properties to the Actions for better tracking your crops. You can now remember when you did your last topping or how much nutrients or repellent to apply.

  • New training methods!
    • FIM
    • LST Low-Stress Training
    • SCROG
    • Super Cropping
    • Topping
  • New trimming types:
    • Topping
    • FIM
    • Defoliation
    • Lollipopping
    • Lower branches trimming
  • Watering amount (in any unit you want, we have cubic liters, gallons, cups, pints and more!)
  • Nutrients and Repellent application methods:
    • Liquid
    • Spray
    • Solid

Nevermind if you don’t know or remember your seed’s strain! We’ve rolled out a new way for our users to easily create trees with “unknown seeds“.

Finally, we’ve pushed lots of bug fixes. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks to our amazing users for all the feedback you give us, we really couldn’t do it without it!

Plan your crop and track your actions with the Grow with Jane’s new features!

Want to start growing?