The Cannabis plant life cycle – Cannabis stages week by week

Cannabis plat life cycle stages

This article is about the Cannabis plant life cycle, divided into stages week by week. You’ll find information about the plant’s growth at each stage, some of the plant’s basic needs and what to watch out for! Learn how to grow weed from seed to harvest! Table of contents Storing your Cannabis seeds Cannabis seed … Read more

Cannabis seedlings – How to avoid stunted growth

Cannabis seedling likes relatively moist conditions, but beware not to drown it. Temperatures should remain warm and lights should be placed near it and moved up as the plant grows. Finally, a Cannabis seedling needs little amounts of nutrients and their needs will grow as the plant gets bigger and stronger.

Determining the sex of your Cannabis plants

when can you tell if your plant is male or female

In this article, we’ll tell you how to identify male, female and hermaphrodite Cannabis plants and how to tell the difference. Table of contents Female Cannabis plant Male Cannabis plants Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants Sexual reproduction in Marijuana plants (pollination) How to identify the sex of your cannabis plants (chart) First signs flowering stage: preflowers Conclusion … Read more