Grow your Own Weed with the App ‘Grow with Jane’

[…] “Grow with Jane” provides the novices of the weed growing world with handy hints while also providing access to an online weed community […]

An App For The Home Cannabis Grower

[…] Grow With Jane is establishing itself as a connection between home growers and the companies selling growing equipment, supplies and seeds […]

Cannabis Cultivation Apps

Grow with Jane is a mobile app specifically designed for home growers. In essence, it is a journal where users can simulate a growing environment, utilize grow logs, and receive growing tips as well as reminders for feeding and watering. Growing cannabis from seed to flower can be done seamlessly thanks to this app. […]

Queremos ser el estándar de cultivo de cannabis en todo el mundo

[…] una startup argentina de software dedicada a brindar innovaciones tecnológicas para el cultivo hogareño de Cannabis.

Entrepreneur Interview with Grow With Jane

CanopyBoulder Cannabis Business Podcast

The 10 Best Cannabis Apps & Resources to Keep You Elevated

[…] Users have can create master logs, set reminders, write down other info, and learn safety/health tips to keep themselves and the environment in good shape […]

Guía para el Autocultivo de Marihuana: Genéticas, Medios y Ambientes de Cultivo

Grow with Jane, la app que miles de entusiastas de la planta están utilizando como guía para mejorar la calidad de su autocultivo de cannabis.

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